VirtualFem™ lets you interact with a very cute girl, and tell her what to do. A Virtual Girlfriend who lives inside your computer; she will do anything you ask, understands plain English, and speaks to you out loud. Clever usage of high-quality full-motion video makes VirtualFems come to life!

These girls do everything you expect from a real girlfriend, including having really fantastic sex! But they are also really smart too, you can have a lot of fun even with her clothes on. Many girls have several pretty outfits to show you, places to go, and things to do with you. Recent girls and software advancements continue to provide the most amazing virtual girls on earth!


New for May 2024, VirtualFem Sammy Rhodes! [info]

New for April 2024, VirtualFem Mia Grey! [info]

New for April 2024, VirtualFem Teagan Presley! [info]

New for March 2024, VirtualFem Christina Aguchi! [info]

New for March 2024, VirtualFem Jenna Haze 20 Year Anniversary Special Edition! [info]

New for February 2024, VirtualFem Rachel Love! [info]

New for February 2024, VirtualFem Yuki Mori! [info]

New for January 2024, VirtualFem Mercedez Santos! [info]

New for January 2024, VirtualFem Flower Tucci! [info]

New for December 2023, VirtualFem Reina Leigh! [info]

New for December 2023, VirtualFem Alexis Love! [info]

New for November 2023, VirtualFem Ann Marie! [info]

New for November 2023, VirtualFem Victoria White! [info]

New for October 2023, VirtualFem Lux Play! [info]

New for October 2023, VirtualFem Sandra Syn! [info]

New for September 2023, VirtualFem Alexia Poroskova! [info]

New for September 2023, VirtualFem Shy Love! [info]

New for August 2023, VirtualFem Samantha Roxx! [info]

New for July 2023, VirtualFem Lacy Holiday! [info]

New for July 2023, VirtualFem Audrey Bitoni! [info]

New for June 2023, VirtualFem Bambi Wolfe! [info]

New for June 2023, VirtualFem Madison Monroe! [info]

New for May 2023, VirtualFem Natasha Nice! [info]

New for April 2023, VirtualFem Nikki Anne! [info]

New for April 2023, VirtualFem Kai Wu! [info]

All new mood system allows you to understand how she feels and interact with her in new ways! The emotion system allows her to react to things, places, activities and all at the same time!

Try your best to keep her happy! Easy mode will take away much of the challenge if you don't want her to play too hard to get!

VirtualFem™ Girls (all included in membership, new girls each month!)
VirtualFem Emily

Sign up now and enjoy VirtualFem Emily.  She's a beautiful girl who will take good care of you!  Emily is installed with the VirtualFem software.
VirtualFem Alysia (click for screenshots)

The cute little VirtualFem Alysia. Each girl is an add-on, you can download all of them, or just the ones you want!
VirtualFem Natalie (click for screenshots)

Of course, you'll want to download the sizzling hot VirtualFem Natalie.  Be careful with this one, she's a virgin!  She is so nervous about meeting you...  You'll savor the moment when you take her and then she'll be all yours!
VirtualFem Lauren (click for screenshots)

Meet VirtualFem Lauren.  She is a hot blonde who has two different outfits she will wear for you, and she will do just about anything for you!
VirtualFem Kate

VirtualFem Kate, a cute little slut who really wants to please you!  Each girl is about 100 to 800 MB in size, divided into manageable fractions.  The installer for VirtualFem Kate is 132 MB, and divided into three files, each under 60 MB.  We make it really easy to download and install add-on girls.  It's fun!
VirtualFem Stacy

VirtualFem Stacy.  She is a sweet and innocent
good girl, oh wait, no she's not.  An excellent addition to your VirtualFem 
VirtualFem Harmony

VirtualFem Harmony, Tell her to take a shower, wear lingerie, pantyhose, and of course have amazing sex with you.
VirtualFem Jennifer

VirtualFem Jennifer...  So beautiful...  But Jennifer is kind of a bitch.  Until you convince her to be your girlfriend that is!  If you like a challenge, Jennifer is your girl.
VirtualFem Loni

VirtualFem Loni, your cute little Asian girlfriend!  Have her wear one of several outfits, (including a naughty school girl!), take her to the grocery store, and have sex with her in many different places and ways!  She is such a good girl, she even does the dishes!
VirtualFem Sandy

VirtualFem Sandy is a girl you can really have a good time with!  She is always ready and anxious to please you!
VirtualFem Kylie

VirtualFem Kylie has been described by one of our members as 'a real piece of work'.  Tell her to take a bubble bath if she gets too dirty for you, and make sure she shaves her pussy when she's in there!  She's the first VirtualFem to offer anal sex (member requested feature!).  Kylie will even dance for you while she plays a song from your library of MP3 files (if you give her permission).
VirtualFem Kelly

VirtualFem Kelly is a hot blonde with big tits!  She will do just about anything to make you happy!
VirtualFem Estella

VirtualFem Estella is your hot little Latin girlfriend!
VirtualFem Daphne

Ever wanted your very own hot and sexy nurse to tend your every need?  VirtualFem Daphne is here to take care of you!  
VirtualFem Jasmine

VirtualFem Jasmine loves taking showers with you watching!  She'll shake her fine virtual black booty and get you going, and then she'll get you off!
VirtualFem Holly

VirtualFem Holly has several sexy and cute outfits to wear for you, two different dildos to play with, and so much to offer you!  Holly is sure to give you many hours of pleasure.
VirtualFem Janet

VirtualFem Janet is a sweet and sultry brunette sure to catch your eye.  Two cute bra and panties outfits to wear, and a perfect body!
VirtualFem Patricia

VirtualFem Patricia has such a good attitude, she is really a fun girl!  A really great addition to your VirtualFem collection!
VirtualFem Taylor

VirtualFem Taylor dances like no other VirtualFem ever has, she's an expert.  Want a hot lap dance?  Taylor will pretty much just blow you away.  Her 32DD breasts, beautiful blonde hair, and legs that go on forever will make you want to caress every part of her body and enjoy every inch of her!  And you can!
VirtualFem Cindy

VirtualFem Cindy is pretty amazing and considers herself to be quite original.  She can put on three different outfits for you, and loves to do housework in just a cute little apron while you supervise.  Don't be afraid to teach her a lesson if she does not do a good job!
VirtualFem Keri

VirtualFem Keri is a cute little blonde with small tits!  Petite and gorgeous, she has two outfits; a hot silver bikini and a slinky little black dress.  She will do some rather kinky things if you say the right thing to her.
VirtualFem Nautica

VirtualFem Nautica has four complete and very hot outfits, a dildo to play with, a great tit fuck, and several different cum shots plus much more.  She is really a fun girl!
VirtualFem Ava

VirtualFem Ava is a real beauty, a great virtual girlfriend!  She has a cute pink lingerie outfit and two cute bra and panties sets to wear for you!  She also loves to have sex, in a lot of fun ways!
VirtualFem Kaitlyn

VirtualFem Kaitlyn is your very own personal pet cheerleader.  Keep her in good shape and give her a good workout, Coach!
VirtualFem Christina

VirtualFem Christina has two really cute outfits to wear for you, a pink dress outfit and a blue dress outfit!  She is a really great virtual girlfriend and loves to please you!
VirtualFem Layla

VirtualFem Layla is your virtual secretary!  Look under her desk or make her work topless!  She also has another cute outfit in addition to her sexy black work attire!  For work or play, she's a lot of fun!
VirtualFem Brooke

VirtualFem Brooke loves to relax with you in the hot tub and in the bedroom!  Watch her get a tan, and play with her indoors or out!
VirtualFem Karen

VirtualFem Karen is a hot blonde who has red, pink lace, and white bra and panties sets to wear for you, as well as a nurse uniform!
VirtualFem Rebecca

VirtualFem Rebecca has a perfect little body and she is more than willing to share it with you!  Treat her right and she will give you a hot lap dance and much more!
VirtualFem Raquel

VirtualFem Raquel is a beautiful MILF!  (by popular member request!)  Let her slide out of those tight jeans and show you a good time!
VirtualFem Lucy

VirtualFem Lucy is your very adorable Korean girlfriend!  She has three hot little lingerie outfits to wear for you and sexy high heels to match her beautiful legs!
VirtualFem Jackie

VirtualFem Jackie is another hot cheerleader, and so much more!  She has several outfits to please you in, and is sure to be one of your favorite girls!
VirtualFem Callie

VirtualFem Callie has several cute outfits and is one of the most beautiful VirtualFems ever made!  Let her soothe you with her long blonde hair and her long gorgeous legs!
VirtualFem Mika

VirtualFem Mika makes for a gorgeous personal assistant!  Have her wear a slinky black dress at the office and feel free to take a glance under her desk while she works for you!  She also has an adorable little varsity sweater outfit for two totally different looks.  Dress her up, make her dance, make her work, and have amazing sex with her in just about any way you can think of.
VirtualFem Angela

VirtualFem Angela is really a wild girl!  You asked for her, by popular user demand Angela squirts.  Yep,  it's pretty crazy but this girl is a mess!  Even if you don't let her do that you'll love her sexy pink bikini, school girl outfit, and her fishnet hose.
VirtualFem Nyomi

VirtualFem Nyomi is one of those gorgeous girls you could just fall in love with the moment you see her.  Something about her sultry deep gaze is simply mesmerising.  Oh yeah, and she gives fantastic blow jobs and has a fantastic little body!
VirtualFem Nadia

VirtualFem Nadia is a fantastic dancer and is also more than willing to give you a lap dance and will stun you with her gorgeous, fit body and her huge tits!  Have her push them together tight and have some fun with them!
VirtualFem Avena

VirtualFem Avena loves to have fun with you!  She has a cute skirt and top and also a hot and rather kinky leather bra and panties set to wear for you.  Her beautiful eyes are positively enchanting as she looks up at you during amazing blowjobs.  Just wait until you make love to her, it just gets better and better!
VirtualFem Tanya

VirtualFem Tanya has a tendency to get in trouble sometimes.  Luckily, you are her guard!  Try not to fall for her tricks, she'll do just about anything to get out of that jail cell.  When she is not in jail this hot blonde has three adorable outfits to wear for you including a sexy black bra and panties, a tight little blue top and capris, and a really hot red top and mini-skirt outfit!
VirtualFem Sativa

VirtualFem Sativa is one hot brunette!  She has a very sexy fishnet lingerie outfit to wear for you as well as a cute little top and tight jeans.  She loves to have sex with you in about any way you can think of, and she loves to play with herself!  You'll enjoy watching her cum over and over; she'll get herself off on the couch or bed while you admire her gorgeous body!
VirtualFem Veronica

VirtualFem Veronica is a cute little brunette who has more scenes, more footage, and more action than any VirtualFem before her.  When she was released, she was our largest download yet, at 855 MB.  Quite a package for a girl with 32B tits and such a fine little body!  She has several outfits and areas including a schoolgirl outfit and classroom, a denim skirt and top for casual times, and about three sets of different lingerie to play in!  She even has her own computer to do her homework!
VirtualFem Tory

If you like pretty brunettes with really nice 34D tits, then VirtualFem Tory just might be your new favorite girlfriend!  She also has a pretty face and body to match.  With four great outfits to wear for you and a dildo to watch her play with!
VirtualFem Ishani

VirtualFem Ishani is a gorgeous and exotic girl who wants to show you what is under that sexy belly-dancer outfit!  She loves sex and playing with herself for you too!
VirtualFem Lisa

Meet VirtualFem Lisa, your new sexy (maybe even a little slutty) blonde virtual girlfriend!
VirtualFem Lacey

VirtualFem Lacey is your really hot Asian girlfriend!  She loves to paint and have lots of sex!  She has two beautiful lingerie sets and a pretty dress to take off for you!
VirtualFem Finesse

VirtualFem Finesse is a pretty little brunette with gorgeous 34B tits who would just love to be your virtual girlfriend!  Caress her, love her, and treat her good and she'll do the same for you!
VirtualFem Avy

VirtualFem Avy is a beautiful girl who will make a great addition to your VirtualFem collection.  She loves to be caressed, licked, and sexed up!  She also has two sets of lace panties (and other hot lingerie) to wear for you!
VirtualFem Myah

VirtualFem Myah looks so innocent in her pigtails and cute pajamas.  She weighs 105 lbs and has perfect 34A tits.  She will give you some rather non-innocent booty dances, lap dances, and loves grinding her tight little pussy on you.  She also adores being caressed, loved, touched, and if you are nice to her, lots of amazing sex!
VirtualFem Jayna

VirtualFem Jayna loves to lay out in the sun and work on her tan, she also has a cute mini-skirt outfit and loves to dance for you!  And, by popular member request; Jayna has a girlfriend!  She will call her girlfriend over whenever you ask and they both love to play while you watch!
VirtualFem Courtney

VirtualFem Courtney is a gorgeous little blonde with an athletic 103 lb body honed from her gymnastics background.  She has several sexy outfits to wear for you and can please you in many ways.  She is even a little kinky and might let you tie her up if you get her in the mood!
VirtualFem Vanessa

VirtualFem Vanessa wants to be your girlfriend.  She's a sultry brunette with 34D tits that are simply stunning.  She has several cute outfits to wear for you and loves to play with her dildos while you watch.  She also loves to have sex of course!  Vanessa will make an excellent addition to your VirtualFem Collection.
VirtualFem Sindy

VirtualFem Sindy is a really great blonde virtual girlfriend and loves to please you!
VirtualFem Jersey

VirtualFem Jersey wants to be your secretary!  Look under her desk while she works for you!  She'll do anything to please the boss!
VirtualFem Sandra

VirtualFem Sandra is a hot brunette and the girlfriend of Jayna.  You can watch her with Jayna or play with her yourself -- so you can now enjoy Sandra as much as Jayna does!
VirtualFem Kristin

VirtualFem Kristin by popular demand, is another girl that will do anal (among many other wonderful things) and she wants to be your girlfriend!
VirtualFem Tara

VirtualFem Tara is really a sweet little thing.  She might have the hottest little ass and set of 32B tits you will ever see.  She will also do anal, and she will even ride you with her ass if you want!
VirtualFem Eva

VirtualFem Eva is a sexy girl with beautiful 34D tits who can take good care of you.  Let her dance for you, love you, and show you a good time!
VirtualFem Ginger

VirtualFem Ginger is a beautiful 33 year-old MILF!  She looks fantastic in her pink bikini and also her tight jeans.  Let her play some music from your mp3 collection while she does a sexy striptease or dance for you!  Of course then you'll want her to push those perfect tits together so you can have some fun with them.
VirtualFem Steffi

VirtualFem Steffi is another girl who takes very seriously her duty to fufill your desires.  Especially if those desires include awesome anal sex  (by popular member request)! Perhaps the longest set of legs of any VirtualFem yet -- they go all the way up to 'there'!
VirtualFem Missy

VirtualFem Missy loves to play with herself for you!  She has several outfits to wear for you and she will cum for you over and over!  Missy also loves to give you head, she's even a finisher!
VirtualFem Christie

VirtualFem Christie loves getting a tan in her sexy little pink bikini.  Help her put some tanning oil on, relax a bit, and then maybe have her slip off that bikini and her high-heels and have hot sex!
VirtualFem Cyndi

VirtualFem Cyndi is a cute little brunette with two outfits to wear for you, and she has a pair of secretary glasses that you can either leave on, or have her take off while you play with her!
VirtualFem Angelina

VirtualFem Angelina is out to prove that blondes do indeed have more fun..  But her heart belongs to you!  Both beautiful and sexy, Angelina will make you very happy she is yours!
VirtualFem Tiffany

VirtualFem Tiffany is a naughty girl.  By popular member request, Tiffany does anal in many positions, including riding you with her fine little ass!  She will even do ATM!
VirtualFem Madeline

VirtualFem Madeline is a pretty brunette with a hot little body and 34B tits.  Watch her take a shower, have her wear her cute little black dress or pretty lingerie -- and have her give you a blowjob in the bathroom or in the bedroom!
VirtualFem Rucca

Rucca's car has broken down and she is stranded beside the road.  Luckily, you are there to help her!  Well, by help her we mean have sex with her all day.  Her big tits are natural and awesome, make sure to give her a really good tit fuck before you fix her car!
VirtualFem Melissa

Melissa is a sexy french girl and a total hottie too!  She even has the capability to change hair color so you can do her as a brunette or a blonde!
VirtualFem Carly
VirtualFem Lexi VirtualFem Judy VirtualFem Marquetta VirtualFem Tyler
VirtualFem April VirtualFem Faith VirtualFem Arial VirtualFem Lynn
VirtualFem Savannah VirtualFem Sabrina is a lovely little blonde with 
seven outfits for you to dress her in, including 
a beautiful pageant dress, a slutty little red 
dress, and two bikinis! Watch her relax on the 
beach, take a shower, and have her in every way 
you want.  She's happy to be yours forever! VirtualFem Erin VirtualFem Amy
VirtualFem Irena VirtualFem Katerina is a smoking hot girl with
beautiful outfits including a red mini-skirt 
and hose, a cute little dress, a cute little 
blue bikini and a very nice pants and top 
outfit.  Watch her in the shower, fuck her
in every way you can think of, or just hang out 
and have a drink with her, she's yours forever! VirtualFem Jemeni VirtualFem Nikki
VirtualFem Kagney VirtualFem Tiffney VirtualFem Keeani VirtualFem Morgan
VirtualFem Victoria VirtualFem Haylo VirtualFem Toni VirtualFem Alexis
VirtualFem Goldie VirtualFem Dee is a smoking hot Latina girl who might even end up speaking Spanish in the heat of the moment! (click for free VirtualFem Dee Lopez wallpaper photo!) Gina Blonde invites her friends over for some fun!  Have Gina give you a nice blowjob while you watch the other two play, or make them all play for you! VirtualFem Brook
VirtualFem Summer VirtualFem Brianna Love VirtualFem Nicky Hunter VirtualFem Malizia
VirtualFem Candy VirtualFem Paige VirtualFem Kaylie VirtualFem Samira
VirtualFem Taylor Rain VirtualFem Hillary Scott VirtualFem Sindee Jennings VirtualFem Luscious Lopez
VirtualFem Courtney James VirtualFem Rebecca Linares VirtualFem Kelly Wells VirtualFem Lindsay Meadows
VirtualFem Kristina Rose VirtualFem Aubrey Adams VirtualFem Delilah Strong VirtualFem Angel Long
VirtualFem Britney Stevens VirtualFem Crissy Cums VirtualFem Renae Cruz VirtualFem Aaralyn Barra
VirtualFem Amber Rayne VirtualFem Lexi Love VirtualFem Jenna Presley VirtualFem Penny Flame
VirtualFem Cassandra Cruz VirtualFem Hailey Young VirtualFem Holly Morgan VirtualFem Morgan Dayne
VirtualFem Leah Luv VirtualFem Denice Klarskov VirtualFem Bridgette Powell VirtualFem Renna Ryann and Friends!
VirtualFem Alexis Amore! VirtualFem Sasha Knox! VirtualFem Emy Reyes! VirtualFem Cheyenne Sweet and Friends!
VirtualFem Micah Moore and Friends! Kimberly Wood! VirtualFem Tori Black and Friends! VirtualFem Chastity Lynn and Friends!
VirtualFem Sierra Sinn! VirtualFem Kita Zen! VirtualFem Sasha Grey! VirtualFem Elli Foxx!
VirtualFem Aliana Love! VirtualFem Alektra Blue! VirtualFem Kat! VirtualFem Pason!
VirtualFem Katja Kassin! VirtualFem Jodi Bean! VirtualFem Mia Bangg! VirtualFem Fallon Summers!
VirtualFem Student Advisor Holly Morgan v4 HD! VirtualFem Anna Nova! VirtualFem Speacial Feature - Warehouse Girls! VirtualFem Gia Paloma!
VirtualFem Veronica Lynn! VirtualFem Nika Noire! VirtualFem Iris Love! VirtualFem Imani Rose!
VirtualFem Katy Caro! VirtualFem Dakoda Brookes! VirtualFem Niki Belucci! VirtualFem Presley Maddox!
VirtualFem Tiffany Price! VirtualFem Leah Jaye! VirtualFem Dana Vespoli! VirtualFem Ariel Rose!
VirtualFem Jennifer Dark! VirtualFem Sharka Blue! VirtualFem Alexis Texas! VirtualFem Rane Revere!
VirtualFem Ashlynn Brooke! VirtualFem Lana Croft! VirtualFem Brodi Kennedy! VirtualFem Poppy Morgan!
VirtualFem Tera Knightly! VirtualFem Renee Pornero! VirtualFem Katie Gold! VirtualFem Amy Brooke!
VirtualFem Jaclyn Case! VirtualFem Luissa Rosso! VirtualFem Alicia Aleghetti! VirtualFem Amber Peach!
VirtualFem Ashley Jordan! VirtualFem Brandi Lyons! VirtualFem Allie Sin! VirtualFem Candi Apple!
VirtualFem Chrissy Moon! VirtualFem Cherry Lane! VirtualFem Melody Magic! VirtualFem Ashley Gracie!
VirtualFem Anna Nikova! VirtualFem Dana Dearmond! VirtualFem Debbie White! VirtualFem Arianna Armani!
VirtualFem Tina Fine! VirtualFem Tia Sweets! VirtualFem Diana Gold! VirtualFem Rikki White!
VirtualFem Makayla Cox! VirtualFem Kellie Stone! VirtualFem Faye Runaway! VirtualFem Soma!
VirtualFem Chase Taylor! VirtualFem Cassie Young! VirtualFem Sasha Stowaway! VirtualFem Jasmine Tame!
VirtualFem Brittney Blew! VirtualFem Jessica Valentino! VirtualFem Vixxxen! VirtualFem Tera Bond!
VirtualFem Tiffany Thompson! VirtualFem Lara Ann! VirtualFem Daisy Marie! VirtualFem Jackie Moore!
VirtualFem Trixie Cash! VirtualFem Hollie Stevens! VirtualFem Claire Robbins! VirtualFem Michelle Thorne!
VirtualFem Isabella Stanza! VirtualFem Veronica Rayne! VirtualFem Nadia Styles! VirtualFem Tiffany Taylor!
VirtualFem Courtney Cummz! VirtualFem Mary Anne! VirtualFem Britney Pierce! VirtualFem Tobi Pacific!
VirtualFem Trina Michaels! VirtualFem Katie Ray! VirtualFem Riley Shy! VirtualFem Zoey Nixon!
VirtualFem Malia Kelly! VirtualFem Nicole Ray! VirtualFem Reina! VirtualFem Michelle Barrett!
VirtualFem Jasmine Rouge! VirtualFem Nora Davis! VirtualFem Deja Daire! VirtualFem Kayla Marie!
VirtualFem Misty May! VirtualFem Capri Cavanni! VirtualFem Charley Chase! VirtualFem Taylor Tilden!
VirtualFem Rita Faltoyano! VirtualFem McKenzie Lee! VirtualFem Haley Scott! VirtualFem Jessica Dee!
VirtualFem Bree Olson! VirtualFem Terril! VirtualFem Haley Sweet! VirtualFem Allie Haze!
VirtualFem Mia Rose! VirtualFem Tinah Star! VirtualFem Holly West! VirtualFem Amy Starz!
VirtualFem Shae Parker! VirtualFem Rina! VirtualFem Lyla Storm! VirtualFem Carrie Ann!
VirtualFem Gianna Lynn! Katrice Keys! VirtualFem Riley Evans! VirtualFem Mandy More!
VirtualFem Brooke Banner! Jennifer Luv! VirtualFem Natalie Norton! VirtualFem Dani Woodward!
VirtualFem Sabina! Madison Ivy! VirtualFem Alyssa Hall! VirtualFem Alex Love!

Note that the software and any VirtualFems you download are yours to keep! Even after you are no longer a member of the site, your VirtualFem software will continue to work and you can enjoy your VirtualFem collection forever.

Of course, as a member of VirtualFem, you'll be able to download new girls, software upgrades, and AI upgrades as we create them. We will be featuring a hot new VirtualFem™ once a month!

Software Requirements:
Windows98/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista or Windows7/8/10 and Windows Media Player

Screenshots (VirtualFem Katja Kassin)
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Sample Video

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Click here to view sample WMV from VirtualFem Brianna HD (2012)

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Technical Details

VirtualFem™ is powered by special software created to make and use VirtualFems. You are not just limited to what 'comes in the box' (if there were a box) -- in fact, we create our own official VirtualFems with the VirtualFem software, you get the same tools. However, please do not let the high-end nature of this software scare you -- it is first and foremost, a natural language understanding virtual sex and virtual striptease game.

VirtualFem™ has already been programmed for simple enjoyment! You may not want to use the advanced programming features of VirtualFem, you might not even get around to asking her what osmose means (she knows a lot of words but she has much more entertaining things to show you!).

VirtualFem™ software uses a multi-layer response and state engine with a custom front brain system and AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) for backup. You interact with the on-screen girl (represented with video and text chat plus optional speech synthesis and voice recognition) and she follows your every command. Don't like what she says or does? Just change her via interactive brain-editing!

Software Features:

* Over 400 GB of member downloads! Each month, we release two or more new VirtualFems, you can download them all! (Or just the ones you want.)

* Over 150 Girls already online and ready to be your virtual girlfriend! Each girl has her own awesome scenes, sexy outfits, and hot POV sex. You can be selective or have a huge harem of beauties! A bevy of gorgeous girls await you.

* Voice Recognition and Speech Synthesis!

* AIML Dialog by professional Erotica author K.D. Morgan, and our own full-time hot staff writer girls!

* Use any Microsoft SAPI 5.1 Compliant TTS (text-to-speech) Voices

* Optional ability to interface with your MP3 collection. She can read ID3 (v1) tags, and play songs for you. You can just say 'play me some x' where x can be song title, artist, genre, etc!

* VirtualFem software does not require the internet in any way -- it is standalone software that you can install on any computer that you own.

* VirtualFem software does not contain spyware, adware, or anything of the sort -- it is clean, retail quality software.

* VirtualFem comes with over 150,000 responses and definitions for almost every word in the english language. Extra AIML code available in members section to take it even higher.

* Create your own VirtualFem or edit your downloaded VirtualFems! You have complete control of what she says and does. VirtualFem can be anything or anyone you want! If you have your own video clips or download them, you can make them into your virtual companion; and you can use any type of file that can play in Windows Media Player; MPEG, DIVX, XVID, WMV, AVI, etc.

* AIML compliant (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) compatible with ALICE aiml and derivatives. This means you can download AIML and just drop it in your VirtualFem/aiml folder to increase the knowledge of your virtual girlfriend!

* New girls are available in optional High Definition WMV Video!

Member Bonus: High Resolution Photos of your Favorite VirtualFems!

Photo Packs are currently available for many VirtualFems, all in easy to download zip files.

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Software Requirements:
Windows98/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista or Windows7/8/10 and Windows Media Player

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